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Let's start with introducing myself.

I am Lizzy Vroemen from the Netherlands currently living in the beautiful city Lisbon, Portugal for the past 3 years. 

My love for creating creative content started when I did my internship at MEC Global Amsterdam. This was a part of my Studies at Zuyd University of applied science for Communication and Multimedia design where I learned to work with the adobe suite. During my internship, I worked with brands like Netflix and IKEA making visual content and brainstorming about campaigns.

 After finishing my internship, I started working as a social media content creator for 3 years at Heerlen Open University. I created content based on the university whereabouts, trends and current activities using the adobe creative suite. Besides images, it also included videos edited with premiere pro and animations made in after effects. 


During these years I did an Erasmus exchange to Leeds Englands where I studied Visual Communication and organized our own exhibition with my team. After I graduated I moved to Berlin where I  spent 4 months at the Berlin Art Institute. I wanted to focus more on my creativity. 

After living in Berlin I moved to Portugal to be in an atelier for two weeks. You can say that I fell in love with the city and decided to stay. As I wanted to work remote before the corona pandemic, I became a freelancer for several clients; Woodwatch (, Bodystore (, BKV ( and MedSocks(

At WoodWatch I worked for an international team where I do the content creation for instagram ads, facebook ads and instagram story. I also devised campaigners and developed them. For Bodystore I did the instagram story and feed. Furthermore, I was responsible for all the social media Channels (Several instagram accounts, Facebook and LinkedIn) for BKV. I still work with my all time favorite client a few hours a month, Medsocks. I make illustrations and patterns for their brand socks related to the medical world.


My most recent expierence is with Upper as a visual designer. Upper is a Berlin based startup that connects tech freelancers to companies. I created visual assets for internal and external use. From social media posts to landing pages. Working together with stakeholders to create the best solutions using figma, miro and the adobe suite.

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