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NLC Health Ventures made its debut at the HLTH conference in Amsterdam (RAI). In collaboration with the design agency Tomorrow Today, we crafted a striking 150-square-meter booth. In addition to the booth design, we created all the accompanying print materials, including banners, business cards, and flyers, ensuring cohesive branding throughout.



Hi! I'm Lizzy Vroemen, a Dutch creative soul now thriving in the picturesque city of Lisbon, Portugal. For the past three years, this vibrant city has been my home and my muse.

My adventure into content creation kicked off at MEC Global Amsterdam while studying Communication and Multimedia Design at Zuyd University. Here, I dived headfirst into the Adobe Suite, collaborating with big names like Netflix and IKEA, and discovering my passion for visual storytelling.

After an inspiring internship, I spent three fantastic years as a social media content creator at Heerlen Open University. I loved capturing the university’s essence and bringing ideas to life through stunning images, videos, and animations.


An Erasmus exchange took me to Leeds, England, where I deepened my understanding of Visual Communication and even organized an exhibition with my peers. A brief post-graduation stint in Berlin immersed me in its dynamic art scene, but it was Lisbon that truly stole my heart.

In Lisbon, I transitioned into freelancing, working with amazing clients like WoodWatch, Bodystore, BKV, and MedSocks. I thrived on infusing their brands with creativity and innovation. Later, I joined Upper, a Berlin-based startup, as a visual designer, creating impactful visual assets with Figma, Miro, and the Adobe Suite.

Now, I’m at NLC Health Ventures, where I’m passionately enhancing branding and elevating visual marketing materials. This exciting new chapter is fueled by my unwavering enthusiasm and dedication to creating compelling visual narratives.

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